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Weekly Assignments

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Post to you Blog's once a week :)

Our FINAL is on Tuesday June 12th @ 11:30 am.


For week #10 Wed

Section Feedback Forms

Rough Draft of Paper 3 Due

Pier Review of Paper #3



For week #10 Fri

Reading Groups: Surowiecki, Coates, Barthelmes

Final Review


For week #9 Tuesday - Lecture

*Final draft of thesis

(5-6 pages) 

**Please have everything stapled or in a folder. Also have your pages #'ed and you name on all of your drafts. Thank you :)


For week #9 Wed

For the 5pm section: Last weeks Reading groups - Damasio, Sagan, Barrett.


For week #9 Fri

Reading Groups: Watts, Clarke


For Week #8 Wed


Group Showing of Final Cuts of Projects for editing...



For Week #8 Fri


Reading groups &

*Project presentation

(in section)



For Week #7 Wed


(Writing excercise part 1 - coordinate and subordinate clauses - 20 min of section)

Working on group Proj.

-Reading groups.




For Week #7 Fri - No section: alternate times below.



3pm section:

Week #7 Wed. 2:00 - 3:50 pm (Sungod lounge)


5pm section:

Week #7 Monday 5:00 - 5:50 pm (Sun God lounge)

                Wed.     Regular meeting 5:50 pm.


For the Friday equivalant:


(Writing excercise part 2-coordinate and subordinate clauses - 20 min of section)

*Don't worry about turning drafts in this week but do still work on them and make sure you are pacing yourselves.


For Week #6 Wed


*Working on project presentation.



For Week #6 Fri


Reading Groups


Due: *1-2 page up-dated description of your group’s project, your role and your peer’s roles in

the project, and your assessment of what remains for you to complete the project.

*3-4 pages of a second draft of your essay (integrating readings from week 5).



For Week #5 Wed


Finalizing a Thesis for Grolup Project Come with ideas on paper (5pm sec.)



For Week #5 Fri


*1 page description of your project, and your responsibilities and that of your peers in the

creation of the project.

*2-3 pages of the first draft of your essay (integrating readings from week 4).


For Week #4 Wed.


Reading Groups



For Week #4 Fri.


*Discuss and agree on a project; develop a strategy for completing the project; decide tactical

division of labor. 


For Week #3 Wed. section


Reading groups.


For Week #3 Thurs. Lecture



- along with rough drafts, free writes etc. Please have everything attached or in a folder. Number your pages.


For Week #3 Fri. section




For Week #2 Tues. Lecture:


Have your blogs set up by this date.


For Week #2 Wed. section:


Be prepared to present in your reading groups, answering the "When reading" questions under section notes.


For Week #2 Fri. section:


Rough Drafts of Essay #1 are due.


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