Student Blogs

Creating your Blogs:


*****Please remember to add your classmates to your neighborhood and make your blogs public so we can read and learn from all - thanks - Jakey******


1. Go to and create your blog (seriously it's as easy as pie).

2. Copy the URL of your Blog

3. Create a link to your Vox blog here - It's super easy.

-Click on "Edit the page" then enter our password. This gives you access.

-Put your cursor under the section and then click on the link button.

-The link type will be a URL (paste your URL).

-The Link name will just be your name (first & last please).

-Then just save the changes and log out :)


Remember that you don't need to spend more than 10 - 15 min on this per week. Really have fun with these and make them your own!!!


Post to your blogs once a week :) - and add your photos!!!

-Your blogs are GREAT! and yes I do read them :) -jakey



Jakey Toor


Section BO9 (W/F @ 3.... us also!)

Brian So

Charles Hamann

Anthony Lo

Allen Chin

Evelyn Hien Nguyen

Francis Nicdao

Stephen Chyau

Mark Calabio

Jackie Hayata

Thoai Lu

Rica Hughes

Trisha Cuddy

Maddi Taylor

Ali Kohbodi 

Heidi Kim

Andrew Yi 

Section B012 (W/F @ 5.... I know I know)

Andrew Reis

Jeremiah Lin

Douglas Lee

Jeff Kawakami

Vishal Kotcherlakota

Lalida Sritanyaratana

Saeryung Kim

Madiha Mubin

Mac Delaney

Kris Calabio

Belinda Kell

Jenna Schachtner

Iain Hartley

Dashette Perkins