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5 pm section (group project page)

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A fact is an idea that is socially constructed, that cannot be proven wrong and is therefore widely accepted.


A fact changes with time and knowledge.





Division of Labor?

Note: These are the general catagories you are responsible for but not limited to. Anyone can help with anything.



Religion & Science


Saeryung Kim

Jenna Schachtner






Art & Tech


Madiha Mubin

Belinda Kell

Lalida Sritanyaratana


Dashette Perkins




Magic and Sports


Jeremiah Lin

Jeff Kawakami

Doug Lee











Project Idea and Description (IE how are we going to go about proving this thesis)?

Feel fee to brainstorm here.

What the bleep parody... student falling asleep in lecture....

i think we should have bigger groups (4-5) responsible for mult. categories rather than small groups for each cate. <--- good idea -Kris

I think thats a good idea. Plus we could get two (or 3) scenes done in one group in one like meeting for instance like an hour or something. not bad. -Andrew (oh and if we did this i would be interested in also joining technology or magic)


This is what I am writing down for the Project Proposal Idea we have to turn in today at 5: A "What the Bleep" parody where a student falls asleep in CAT (lecture of discussion section) and goes on an adventure to find out what is a fact. Along the way he/she meets many different people with all sorts of conflicting ideas and views (Religion, Magic etc...). In the end the person concludes that our Thesis is what a fact is. It is just a rough sketch and if you have other ideas please share them. We can work out the main detials in class.~Belinda


I think Belinda's idea is perfect. I was wondering how would the main character run into different people. I mean the main character is a student so we should make something that is more of that kind. I m not sure if its a good idea but i was thinking that may be we should make it like the student is sitting in one of the dining halls and there he finds someone and they have a conversation. I am still thinking, will continue on it later. ~Madiha


Yea I want to add to what Madiha was saying. I like our original idea as well, but I don't fully understand how we are going to transition from story to story using the ipod? I think we arleady brought it up in class, but maybe we should have different people dreaming. So for example, there will be 3 seperate sequences. The original person dreams about say religion and science, and when he wakes up the person he talked to in his dream is sitting next to him and he says something like "OH you were in my dream etc. and talks about the question what is a fact? This causes the him to think and to question it himself........ Then he falls asleep the next day dreamsa bout sports and magic and so on. Just my thought on it but I mean I think we just need to figure out some sort of transition from group to group.


Time Line:

wk8 Fri: DONE

wk8 Wed: All scenes filmed - Final touches. All scenes shown in class.


wk7 Fri:


wk7 Wed: Script/Story Board for scenes SET.

wk6 Fri: Rough Version of scenes script.


Story Line

Professor is talking about facts in class.

Someone falls asleep in class and wakes up in a dream.

He wants to find out what a fact is.

He is wearing an ipod, walking down the street, and he meets a bunch of artists.

Next he meets technology.

Person goes back in time-old magic vs new magic.

Person encounters sports.

Person encounters scientist who explains a bunch of very confusing, true facts, but that don't help very much in the real world.

In his confusion, he turns to religion and ends up in a church.



(This is just a rough sketch of what we have so far.  We are planning on going somewhere along these lines and adding/improvising more lines as we continue to film).



CAT III Project Video Script


Magic Portion

Doug: (falls asleep in lecture, then cuts to the dream phase while thinking about the professor said in lecture about facts, then goes into the dream) *Enters dream in first person view (Jeremiah with camera) and sees a magician performing on streets* Oh wow, a magician! Let’s go see him!

Andrew: Oh my god, this man is possessed! (Bows down to magician)

Jeff: What the hell? Why are you getting all impressed, it’s OBVIOUSLY a trick.

Andrew: NO this man obviously has super powers and is a GOD. Don’t say such things and doubt him! He’ll put a hex on you and your family!

Jeff: I don’t even know what a hex is…man, there’s no such thing as possessing super powers. And he’s not a GOD; he probably just slipped something up his sleeves.

Andrew: How did you obtain such great powers my majesty?

Jeff: Man, stop with this majesty stuff, he probably just found that on YouTube.

(Jeff and Andrew keep talking about random stuff to show motions on the camera while Doug has a voice over with the camera).

Doug: Wow, it’s funny how people from different time periods can easily believe what a fact is while another person questions it so deeply (improv. more)

Dreaming Doug (in first person) then moves down a road and approaches Jeremiah (the meathead). Doug observes Jeremiah doing pushups.

Jeremiah: 3095, 3096, 3097, 3098, 3099, 4000!! C’mon baby, you can do more, I can FEEL it!!

Doug: Hey, could I ask you a question?

Jeremiah: Sure, but you mind if I listen while I do my 5000 sit-ups?

Doug: Uhmm…ok, well what do YOU think a fact is?

Jeremiah: Well it’s a FACT that my arms are HUGE!! And that I’ve done 5000 pushups, bench 400 lbs., man…I am goooood.

Doug: …… wtf? Seriously what do you think a fact is?

Jeremiah: all right all right you know when you’re with a team and everyone comes together, and you just feel that sensation within you deep down. That’s a fact. That is real.

Doug: Ahhh ic,  but how do you know they’re actually huddling? How do you know those feelings are true? Where are those feelings coming from?

Jeremiah: I feel them. Therefore it is a fact?

Doug: How do you know your team is feeling the same as you? They couldn’t all possibly feel the same way. So is it really a fact?

Jeremiah: well… I don’t know Why don’t you stop pestering me?

Doug: Well then what is a fact?

Jeremiah: Ok you really want to know? You know what a fact is?! This is a fact, my fist in your face (punch)

If we are the last group to go

The scene blacks out. Doug thinks to himself before he wakes up which leads to our thesis.


This is awesome I really like the story line especially the "Meathead"/Jock part.  Im a little confused about the Magician part though, are you trying to say that back then people had more faith and if they saw something awesome or magical then they would automatically believe it, thus making it a fact?  Compared to now we are more skeptical/judgemential on what magic is so we doubt if it is a fact?  If Im getting on the same lines of what you are trying to say may I suggest that you say clearly "What makes a fact in magic is that you just believe in the magic".  It kind of parallels with Religion so it will be a nice transition that people can understand.  Other than that I say you guys did a great job.~Belinda



suggestion for magic portion:

for the part of the thesis "cannot be proven wrong" you guys can say that maybe...

they make magic a fact when they believe in it and they can't prove it wrong, the trick works everytime

the magicians won't reveal the trick behind it

~ Belinda, Madiha, Lalida



Art keeps on changing with time and knowledge
Trend changes because it depends on social context
Different social movements à chooses to express things differently
Art and technology (3 minute limit)
Thesis: fact follows a particular trend depending on social context
Person is walking down in a museum as he questions (“hm this is art? Or is this art?) —the ballroom?
admiring different pieces of art (cut pieces of art and show on the screen)
feels compelled to talk to some type of artist
They have some conversation and talk about the ideas behind it
Explains the fact of art – can give a personality to the artist (pompous)
Curator needs to explain
Painting A is art, then painting B won’t be a piece of art à but the curator will explain why they’re both pieces of art
“to enlighten your experience” “to understand the artist, click one for picture number 1, etc”
Headphones or iPod on the stand and scroll down and listen to all types of music (Bach, etc)
picture/dance that we show corresponds to the music the person is listening to
Sculpture – Woman with the stars, trash?
Contemporary art - dancing
Natural scene- Monet – water lilies
Curator tells him that if he wants more information about what a fact is, he could go look at technology…
Discovery center – images
After he talks to the curator, he could follow arrows, sits down in a movie theatre, plugs in iPod and sees a bunch of images for tech à Powerpoint for what he’s seeing
Different types of technology
Typewriter – relate it to art
Printing press
 “like art, technology changes through the time with the people”
Art and technology is ___________!! (Aha moment!)
When he takes off his headphones, battery out of power
  1. magic/sports
  2. art/technology
  3. science/religion
Belinda – main character, sleeper
Madiha - curator
Lalida – filmer/director
Dashette – props (arrows, trash art)
Ian – Monet painting
Vishal – powerpoint
Art works:
  1. nature – Monet’s water lilies
  2. graffiti
  3. dance (Belinda’s friend or clip from “Center Stage”)
  4. sculpture – trash
-         music
-         ipod
-         powerpoint
-         Monet painting
-         Dance
-         Arrows
-         Setting
-         Graffiti
-         trash
Belinda falls asleep in CAT class and wakes up in the middle of nowhere, gets up and follows some arrows that lead her into a museum. She encounters all the pieces of artwork (in the order above). She seems confused when she comes upon the piece of trash that is classified as art
Belinda: Is this trash art? That isn’t art!
Madiha: Why isn’t it art?! Art is what the society wants to express. You shouldn’t judge art by the outward appearance but by the inner meaning.
Belinda: Well, I understand the Monet piece and its natural beauty, and I can even understand the grafitti, but I cannot understand trash as being art.
Madiha: If you accept those pieces as being art, why can’t you accept the trash? You accept grafitti as art, but some people think of it as a nuisance, just like how you think of the trash as a nuisance.

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