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3 pm section (group project page)

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Schedule for filming:

Saturday---Meet at 1 at the outback adventure, Maddi, Francis, Allen, and Ali

Monday----Meet at York founatin 2pm Actors, Director, and Camera Man

Francis: scientist clothes, sandwich

Maddi: old clothes

Trisha: future clothes,

Steven: Strobe Light

Allen: Time Machine







(feel free to add to this..)

Thesis from class:


Fact is something that in the current time and context is held as an absolute truth and used as a guiding foundation for society and supported by up to date technology.



Facts depend on:

-culture/context (IE facts are based on other facts - current knowlege)

-we proved them with technology - the broad sense of the word.


the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science, the terminology of an art, science, etc.; technical nomenclature, a technological process, invention, method, or the like, the sum of the ways in which social groups provide themselves with the material objects of their civilization.



Division of Labor?

Note: These are the general catagories you are responsible for but not limited to. Anyone can help with anything.







Script Writers

Stephen Chyau


Charlie (I can help w/ the editing of the script, but I'm not very good at writing scripts)













Thoai (knows how to use FinalCut Pro)

Maddi (lives with Thoai so super easy to work together on editing!)



Stephen Chyau







Camera People

Allen (have one)

Charlie (if this means filming not owning a camera)

Heidi (don't have one but can borrow one)






Project Idea and Description (IE how are we going to go about proving this thesis)?

Feel free to jot down your barin storming ideas here :)


Here's an interesting story on time travel: By His Bootstraps

and Lightning


Time Line

wk 8 Fri: DONE

wk 8 Wed:Final touches

wk 7 Fri: Footage finished


wk7 Wed: Finalize script/props/costumes/location

wk6 Fri: Sections of Script Done.





It opens with the present mad scientist making the time machine

and then scientist goes back in time to prove the fact...

The fact: the world is round vs. world is flat

-he can't prove it in the past because there isn't enough technology

-the past scientist uses common knowledge to prove that the world is flat.

-make a time machine box (pause/unpause)

-mad scientist music in the background by Anthony


*I did some "research" on this idea about the earth's shape and I think we should make our time period in the past the Mesopotamian era.


Aguement Ideas:


Earth is Flat-

People don't fall off

Horizon is a straight line

Land on earth needs a base/ foundation


Earth is Round-


Pictures of Earth


Moon Travel



Counter-Arguement/ AHA Point:

facts are only true at certain moments

Scientist proves us wrong about the Earth being round with his futuristic technology



1. Present-->Stephen, Allen, Charlie

2. Time Machine-->Stpephen, Allen, Charlie

3. Past-->Stephen, Allen, Charlie

4. Compare Ideas (fails)-->Evelyn & Jackie

5. Goes back to the future-->Evelyn & Jackie

6. Proves world is round-->Evelyn & Jackie

7. Aha Moment- Scientist proves Erath being worng with a new theory and futuristic technology-->Anthony & Mark

***Or if anyone has good ideas for the script, just bring a version of it to section, because it would help out the script writers out a lot! Thanksssss!














Mad Scientist (present) – Professor Barnibus

Past Person – Elizabeth Cumberdale

Future Person – Pi of Sector 7

Scene 1

[Zoom in on Mad Scientist hunched over a lab table. He turns to the camera.]

Mad Scientist [shouting]: It. Is. Alivveeee!!!!

[Opening Credits]

[Back to Mad Scientist. Camera rotates around him to reveal his work bench. He picks up a sandwich and presents it to the camera]

Mad Scientist [triumphant]: Lunch!

[He takes a bite and turns to a large machine/portal thing, looking thoughtfully at it for a while]

Mad Scientist [energized]: And now to finish my greatest invention…[Looks at Sandwich] second greatest invention, my Time Machine!

[Tinkers with the machine awhile, occasionally muttering about the ‘flux capacitor’ or other random ‘scientific’ stuff]

Mad Scientist [happy]: There. That should do it.

[Activates machine. The machine hums/opens a portal/etc. for a moment, then sparks start flying/smoke comes out/etc.]

Mad Scientist [angry]: Not again!

[Runs over and kicks the machine. At first nothing happens. He kicks it again, and it starts working (portal opens/machine makes noises/etc.). The Mad Scientist has a huge smile on his face.]

Mad Scientist [ecstatic]: It works! And they all called me insane. [vindictive] Well today I prove them wrong!

MAD SCIENTIST [pondering]: Ah, great, now let me set the date to...

[turns a few knobs]hmm, should I go two hundred or three hundred years into the future? Welllll, if I go three hundred years, technology might be too complicated for me to understand, but if I go only two hundred years, technology might be too simple for my genius mind. Therefore, I will go 250 years into the future and bring back new technology!

[The Mad Scientist walks over to some sort of control panel/computer/etc. and adjusts some settings, the sound of the machine changes a little. After double checking his input, the Mad Scientist walks over to the machine, stops right before entering.]

Mad Scientist: Today, I visit the future!

[Walks through portal/jumps into machine/etc. Short time travel sequence (crazy colors or quick slideshow of famous events in history, something to that effect). Camera focused on a patch of grass, when Mad Scientist falls into view.]

Mad Scientist: Ouch!

[Mad Scientist looks around, noticing distinct lack of anything ‘future-ish.’ He is found by a person wearing old fashioned (ancient?) clothing.]

Mad Scientist [confused, to the new person]: What year is it?

Past Person [perplexed by Mad Scientist’s confusion]: Why, it’s 1407 of course, of the reign of King Henry, God bless the King!

[Mad Scientist stares at him dumbfounded for a couple of seconds. The New Person starts to get uncomfortable. Mad Scientist finally comes to his senses.]

Mad Scientist: Shit.

[New Person confused, Mad Scientist very unhappy. The Mad Scientist inspects the time machine]

Mad Scientist: Ohh, I just set the dial to the wrong date. No problem. [messes with the machine] Time to get out of this dirthole! [hits a button, nothing happens, frantically works on the machine] Damn! Out of batteries. I need to let it recharge…I guess I’m stuck here for a while.

[meanwhile, the person from the past has decided the mad scientist is quite crazy and wanders off to a group of her friends]

Past Person [loudly to her friends]: Look at that lunatic over there.  He’s so nuts, I bet he thinks the world is round!

[everyone laughs]




Mad Scientist: Ahahahahahhaha. Good one! [looks at the past people, who are now staring at him]

Mad Scientist: Why’d you stop laughing?...You seriously think the world isn’t round?

Past: (snickers and rolls eyes) Are you kidding me? There’s no such thing as a round earth! We’d roll right off it! Everyone knows the earth is flat.

Mad Scientist: Wow. You’re so wrong it makes my head hurt. Haven’t you savages ever heard of gravity? It holds us down to the earth, just like how an apple falls from a tree to hit you idiots in the head.

Past: That’s ridiculous talk. There’s no such thing as this “gravity”. I bet you can’t even prove it.

Mad Scientist [outraged]: Of course I can. [picks up a rock/stick/something and lets it fall to the floor. Looks smugly at the past people] Now you see? Gravity pulls it down, just like I told you it would. I win!

Past: You’re pathetic, making stuff up all the time. There’s no way to prove that “gravity” is real. Anyway, everyone here knows the earth isn’t a sphere. How do you explain that when you look out as far as you can see over the horizon, you only see a FLAT surface?

Mad Scientist [rising to the challenge]: Oh yeah? Don’t you notice that when a ship is at the horizon, its lower part is invisible, which proves that the earth has curvature? Or are you too backwards to know what a ship is?

Past: Oh this is insane! In order for the land that we live on to be completely stable, the earth needs to have a flat foundation for everything to be built on! What do you think this is, a circus? You must be out of your mind!

Mad Scientist: I know that one of us is. Here’s a hint: it’s not me. [creepy laugh] People from my time have traveled to the moon and I have photo-uhh, pictures, from my own personal satellite of the round earth! I’ll just show them to you! Watch and be amazed! (reaches into his pocket) Errr, I don’t seem to have any with me… 

Scene 4:

Mad Scientist: [completely frustrated] You people are impossible! I do not have my equipment to show you how we, from my time, know for certain that the earth is round! I do not have pictures to show you at this moment. And even if I did have the pictures, I feel you wouldn’t believe them [mutters] ignorant savages… [turns to machine to check on charging sequence]

Past: [arrogantly] I do not know of any technology that would prove the fact of the earth being flat to be incorrect. And yes, of course I would think your pictures to be fictitious [mutters to her friends] you crazy nutjob.

Mad Scientist: [mad] What did you say! [past person shrugs and tries to look innocent] Fine, I will show you then, you stubborn ass. I will take you back to my time so you can see once and for all that the earth is round! Follow me, if you dare! [creepy laugh again]

Past: [positive and self-assured] Okay, crazy man. Let’s see this machine of yours that can transport us through time. [everyone laughs and follows the mad scientist]


Scene 4


(in the present)

[past person and mad scientist looking at a computer screen showing view of earth from space]

Past:  Oh wow, I don't believe it!  The earth really is round! 

Mad Scientist:  Finally you admit defeat and my superiority! Now say it!

Past [quietly]: The earth is round.

Mad Scientist: Eheeheehee, I win!

[flash of light in background, future person pops into view]

Future:  That's where you're wrong, Professor Barnibus.

Mad Scientist:  What? Who are you, and what are you talking about?

Future:  I am Pi of Sector Seven.  I come from the distant future, during which I am the President of the Omniverse.  You, Professor, are indeed quite the historical figure.  You invented the time machine. 

Mad Scientist [interrupting]: And the world’s best sandwich!

Future: And the world’s best sandwich. And with your inventions, our society is on the way to discovering every absolute truth. Since it is all thanks to you, we thought it only fair that you deserved to know all about it.

Mad Scientist:  Really?  Wow, I'm flattered. I knew that history would remember me as the greatest person ever! [past person sighs, future person nods] Tell me what you have learned!

Future(says really fast):  Neptune is no longer a planet, but Pluto is again.  Global warming is a hoax.  The moon is actually made of cheese, but only in the center.  We really do sleep in tubes in the future.  Your eyes really do pop out of their sockets if you sneeze with your eyes open.  The earth isn't round.  Michael Jackson is not human, he's actually from Pluto.  That's how we knew Pluto was a planet again, Michael Jackson told us--

 Present(interrupting):  Wait, what was that that you just said?

 Future:  What, Michael Jackson isn't human?  It wasn't that hard to figure out was it?

Mad Scientist:  No, the one before that.  Did you…did you just say that the earth isn't round?

Past:  That's preposterous!  You could clearly see on this photograph from the “interwebs” that the earth is indeed round!

Future:  Ah yes, this may have been the greatest discovery ever made by humankind.  Let me expalin.  Our eyes are only able to see in 3 dimensions.  But in the future, there exists technology that allows us to see in n dimensions.  So you see, the earth really isn't a sphere. (short pause) It's a hypersphere.

 Past:  What's a hypersphere?

[The future person pulls out a little gadget and presses a button. They all traveled to another dimension and saw a multi-dimensional object that looks like the Earth.]

Future: This is the true dimension of the Earth and it can only be view from the fourth dimension.

[The two other people are in awe when they see this.] 

Future:  And oh yes, Professor Barnibus.  Your invention has received much praise, but it has indeed also created much controversy.  Too many people trying to kill Hitler, actually.  Created many time paradoxes.  But anyways, there's one more thing I have to do.

 Mad Scientist:  Give me an award?

 Future:  [shakes head] I'm going to have to kill you.

 (Kills him.  A time paradox occurs because a time traveler using a time machine just killed the inventor of the time machine.)

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